ironing out the details

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more about me

I respect a lover who does their research.

a quick rundown

A petite Asian woman sits at an upright piano with her back to the camera, wearing satin lingerie, a corset and feathered pauldrons in all black.

Indian and Chinese in approximately-equal parts, I grew up entirely in South-East Asia. I then spent much of my adolescence both doing tertiary study ahead of my years and getting away with all sorts of classic West Auckland idiot teenager stunts. In my very early twenties, I polished off a couple of degrees in nothing considered valuable. I’ve dabbled in pretty much everything, often all at the same time – right now, I consult for several non-profits, do freelance creative work in multiple fields, and moonlight in a beloved but harrowing tech position where I get to make the world a better place. Outside of that, I enjoy making music (badly), adore cats, play tabletop/trading card/roleplaying/video games, make time for a book or two a month, and enjoy picking heavy barbells up and putting them back down again.

why this, then?

When I can steal away from other commitments, this grounds me. Sex work has been there for me through everything from homelessness or medical crises to just feeling like I’ve spent so much time elbow-deep in computers I’ve forgotten how to be human again.

We were made to be social beings, and we’re so painfully isolated these days.

For me, getting naked with someone — physically and emotionally — fast-tracks that connection. An hour or two of learning someone inside and out is never enough to know them, but it can be enough to remember yourself. It’s enough to carry a little piece of another person who has touched your life, and in so doing has shaped in some small way the person you’re going to be from that point onward. Every experience and every person is valuable, and I’d like to try them all.

Of course, the friends I’ve seen on and off for years through thick and thin are people I wouldn’t have met any other way, and that alone is reason enough to suspect I’d be missing out if I didn’t make time for new meetings on occasion, too.

(and, of course, by now it might be fairly obvious that I need a lot of things on the go to feel adequately stimulated, sexually and otherwise!)

A brown-skinned woman with curly hair in a full skirt arches her back and exposes a sliver of thigh as she leans over a chess set.

luminescent & loquacious


worth waiting for

I promise I’m not playing hard-to-get. Busy as I am, though, as much notice as possible is very advised. I often begin to finalize my schedule two months in advance; for weekend days, that may not be quite enough.

I often have access to an incall location close to town, though I generally recommend that you book a hotel room of your choice to assure an unhurried experience of the best quality. I’m a fan of the Parkside, myself. A trusted regular or two sometimes gains the privilege of inviting me into their home; perhaps that’ll be you. I ask that my lovers give me their full name (preferred or legal, the name you live by), so that we can begin building the trust needed for a connection unfettered by safety concerns.

Things to consider:

  • What do you want, in the least existential sense? What sort of experience, for what duration?
  • Would you want to visit me at an incall location, or organise a location of your own?
  • Do you have any special requests?

Get in touch via email at saskiapereira (at); when I am travelling for another endeavour, I may not have access to my emails, but I will respond as quickly as I can.

a saturnine goddess turns her black-draped visage upward, palms raised and arms and face gilded.


I’m sparse on details, but know that I enjoy lovers of all genders, races, sizes and most proclivities; whether it’s something you know you need or something you’d like to try, from foot worship or proper spanking through to consensual feminization, just ask.

I recommend ninety minutes as a perfect first taste – long enough to take our time, short enough to leave plenty of ground uncovered.

For bookings over three hours, let’s get our schedules lined up before we see where we go.

sixty minutes350
ninety minutes500
two hours600
three hours800
social hour150
two of each800
niche playask

I can also provide custom photographs, voice recordings, lingerie and other offerings which do not necessarily involve a face-to-face encounter.

Send me an email if you’re unsure! I’d love to hear what makes you tick, and perhaps we can make some mutually enjoyable memories.

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