saskia pereira


hello there

How fortuitous that you’ve found your way here.

Those who’ve met me will tell you that I am truly singular. My small frame belies the strength and softness it carries in equal measure; my articulate nature offers no immediate clues to my storied past or my hectic present. I’m sure my photographs speak to my boldness and irrepressible spirit, and I can only hope that my words give testimony to the kindness I strive to accord everybody.

Scroll on. If you like what you see, you know how to find me.

a connection

enough about me.

At least, for now. What are you looking for?

A confidante? An audacious flirt to bring you out of your shell? A woman whose unpredictability could be sexy or just startling? A being ultimately motivated by curiosity, entranced by the fleeting vulnerability of sexual connection?

Something you haven’t found yet? Perhaps you’ve found me.

As water (or a cat) molds itself to any form willing to cradle it, so too, for our time together, I can pour my essence into your hands.

a few details

ageearly twenties
weightheavier than you’d think
smiledisarmingly charming, near-permanent
hairthick curls above & below
skingold-brown, marked by adventure
piercingsnine above the neck; none below
tattoosseveral tasteful b&w florals

take the plunge

is this what you thought you wanted?

Maybe you’re unsure. Lovers have described me as polarising, as disconcerting, as eccentric, as tender, but always as an experience. There is plenty more here, I hope, to read and consider. Have a browse, and see if I intrigue any of your senses; touch-starved as we all are, all I want is to be something a little extraordinary, but entirely obtainable.

If there’s something specific you want, or something impossible to articulate you need, let’s see how we feel in direct correspondence.

ethereal, but not in the untouchable sense; sinew and sanguinity within arm’s reach

take me to the details

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